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Alpha Care Centers provide children living in extreme poverty a quality education, food, clothing, and spiritual hope. These children face an uncertain future without hope, daily meals are a luxury, they are the most vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, and injustice; the forgotten faces in an endless sea of human misery.


Our Mission is to lay a solid foundation for the emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual development of a child, equipping them with life decision-making skills that ensure a healthy life-style and a way out of the poverty stricken world they have been forced into.  


Each year forty or more destitute children have hope rekindled within their fragile lives as futures are reshaped and changed through the ministry of the Alpha care Program. But the Alpha Care Program reaches beyond the children into thier families providing us a plateform to engage their parent with the gospel of Christ.



Provide a quality education balanced in curriculum, and relevant to the world today.

Build a strong Christian faith and godly character within the life of each child.

Meet the physical needs of each child, providing daily meals and medical attention.


How We Do It

Each Alpha Care Center’s Program provides children from the developing world’s slums an education, meals, medical attention, and spiritual instruction. The Center’s Program is staffed with qualified and certified teachers to ensure the educational program is excellent in quality, balanced in curriculum, and relevant to the rapidly changing world around us.  


Each child entering our program is recognized and treated as a unique individual, created by God, with unlimited potential. Faceless children of the slums, often ignored, pushed aside by aggressive and hostile adults, or overwhelmed parents struggling to care for other siblings become “known” as a unique and significant individual. 


Some children when they first enroll into the Alpha Care Program will not speak, they misbehave, and act out aggressively towards other children – all signs of the trauma they live with every day. But the Alpha Care Program teaches children how to take care of themselves, to interact in socially positive ways, to show concern and care for others. Here they begin to understand the importance of not only an education but also come to see they have irreplaceable value, that they are loved and “known” by their “Father” in heaven.  


As this process unfolds, we witness a transformation as a child comes “alive”. We see them caring about themselves; we watch aggressive behaviors wane, politeness and gentleness replaces disruptive behaviors and interest in learning rises. Soon the stare of hopelessness which once filled their eyes is replaced with joy and excitement as hope is rekindled – first in their lives and then in the life of their family.  


You Can Make The Difference 

Trapped, desperate, and at risk the horrific effects of poverty are far reaching, causing permanent physical and psychological damage to children, often robbing them of the otherwise stable future that we often take for granted in the West. 


Many children growing up in the dirty slums of the developing world often leave school to work in backbreaking jobs because they have no other choice. They belong in school instead of working for mere pennies a day. And without you, these children don't have a chance.


You can make the difference. You can change the course of a child’s life using simply the change in your pocket each month - a mere $1 a day, is a life changer for children caught in the grip of generational poverty. You can help stop the horror of poverty for one child, changing their life today and tomorrow. Donate


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