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You're not always in a position to give a year or two of your life for a missions assignment.  Yet, you can still make a genuine difference in the world. Your donation enables us do what you're not in a position to do and what we cannot do without you.  And if each of us did something, no matter how small, together we can have a phenomenal impact!


Think about making that difference through your donation to the ministries and projects of Crossroads.  Select from the projects and programs below to make your donation.  All donations are tax deductible. 

Human Trafficking: Freedom Project

An estimated 30,000 victims of sex trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect.You personally can play a significant role in stopping human trafficking of widows and children in Pakistan. Take a stand, make your voice heard, show your support by donating to The Freedom Project.


Child Relief: The Hope Project

Children caught in the suffocating grip of generational poverty with no other choices are forced to work as indentured slaves or resort to crime and begging simply to survive. They belong in school instead of scrapping for mere pennies a day. Without you, these children don't have a chance.



Micro-Development Projects

The alleviation of poverty is one of the greatest needs in our world. Welfare and handouts don't help; they create dependency and erode human dignity. Crossroads Micro-development Projects are self-help initiatives that provide the poor with the resources needed to help themselves and restore personal dignity. When donating for a specific project be sure to indicate that in the Comments box. 


Emergent Leaders: Timothy Project

Developing an emerging generation of missional leaders is crucial to the future of the Church. Your donation helps train and develop emergent indigenous leaders to plant effective missions agencies within their country. 

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