The gap is getting wider

The gap that lies between wishing something could be done and actually doing something, the gap between complacency and getting involved, between sympathy and responsibility

Crossroads is reaching across this gap, responding to those in need spiritually and physically through innovative programs, restoring hope by producing meaningful change in the lives of everyday people.



Human Trafficking: The Freedom Project

The Freedom Project rescues children and widows swept up in the global phenomenon of human trafficking and sold into a life of servitude and physical and sexual abuse...more


Read the real life redemption story of Rehana and her six children, a widow forced by poverty into a life of enslavement and sexual exploitation.



Child Relief: The Hope Project

Trapped, desperate and at risk...the horrific effects of poverty are far reaching, causing permanent physical and psychological damage to children, often robbing them of the otherwise stable future that we take for granted in the West. 


Children growing up in the dirty slums of the developing world often leave school to work in backbreaking jobs because they have no other choice. They belong in school instead of working for mere pennies a day. And without you, these children don't have a chance...more



Micro-development Projects

Crossroads micro-development projects are catalysts for change providing training, tools, and financial resources for startup micro-businesses empowering people to break free from the cycle of generational poverty...more



Emergent Indigenous Leaders: Timothy Project

A new wave of missions is sweeping the globe as indigenous missionaries join the efforts of the Western Church to fulfill the Great Commission. Crossroads is at the cutting edge of this evolving reality focusing on the raising up and developing of indigenous missionaries. Together with Crossroads these emergent missions leaders plant culturally relevant indigenous missions agencies effective in proclaiming the gospel and making disciples of Christ. Crossroads Timothy Project is the umbrella under which this initiative takes place...more



Thousands of discarded children suffocate everyday under a sense of abandonment as the darkness of an uncertain future envelops them. You can change that! Find out how by visiting The Hope Project.
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