3.1 million children under 5 die each year from starvation. That’s the stark reality facing us today.

Child Relief: Hope Project

145 million orphans

That’s the stark reality facing us today. Two million of these orphans struggle to survive in the slums of India, another 48.3 million roam the dirty streets of Africa's villages and cities, and the steamy temperatures of Asia is home to 60 million orphans representing only a fraction of the 145 million. Thousands more are added daily, homeless and alone.


Combine this figure with 3.1 million children under 5 who die from starvation each year and you begin to get the picture of the gravity of what millions of children face.


Regardless of where they live prospects for the future remain the same for millions of orphans and destitute children - bleak! Millions die from neglect, abuse from strangers preying on them, or from starvation. Thousands turn to begging, stealing, or selling themselves into a life of indentured slavery or child prostitution. The “lucky” ones survive this exploitation only to face soaring unemployment rates as adults, turning to prostitution or crime as a means of survival.


But you can do something to stop this relentless exploitation. Give to The Hope Project.


The Hope Project, focusing on orphans and destitute children left to fend for themselves in an increasingly harsh and unforgiving world, includes feeding programs, payment of school fees for a child's education, and the establishment of Alpha Care Centers.  Alpha Care Centers provide children living in extreme poverty a classroom education (kindergarten), food, clothing, medical attention, and spiritual formation.


Make a difference!

A mere $1.00 a day is a life changer for children caught in the grip of poverty. Your dollar a day provides a child a quality education, healthy meals, medical care, and spiritual instruction. Your pocket change will change the world, one child at a time. Donate now For more information on how you can make a difference contact us at info@crossroadsinternational.org 


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