Micro-Development Projects

Crossroads micro-development projects designed to effectively address long term poverty alleviation also create a new funding structure for missionary work, one not dependent upon Western financing. The face of Missions is changing; no longer a solely Western initiative projects like these are changing how missions is funded in the 21st century. Read below how you can help eradicate poverty while changiing how missions is funded through micro-development projects like these.


The Chicken Farm

Run in Nagaland, India this project raises broiler chickens, which are sold to a local butcher and in the open markets. Last year three cycles of production resulted in profits in each cycle. Profits are divided three ways - 40% given to the farmer to address poverty, 40% used to support indigenous missions programs within Nagaland, and 20% poured back into the project for maintenance, resupply of products, and expansion. Help eradicate poverty through self-help initiatives like this. Help provide a chick, feed, or help fund a startup chicken farm. Donate


The Fish Farm

Locally raised pond fish are sold in open markets throughout Dimapur, India. The Fish Farm project also is designed to address poverty as well as raise funds for indigenous missions programs. Alleviation of poverty is one of the greatest needs in our world. Welfare and handouts don't work; they create dependency and erode human dignity. Self-help initiatives like the Fish Farm provide the poor with the resources to help themselves. Give the tools that will make a difference. Provide starter fish to resupply a pond or help fund a startup fish farm. Donate


Beekeeping: Harvesting Honey

People need jobs not handouts. Projects like the Beekeeping Project provide indigenous people with steady income harvested from their own hard work. Honey and honey products are a rare commodity in Nagaland, India so they are easily sold in local open markets. Help provide bees for a new hive, materials to build the hives, or essential equipment for the startup of a new colony. Donate


Tailoring Project

Women caught in the grip of generational poverty are often marginalized, isolated, and abused. Crossroads Tailoring Project provides these women a "voice" and the chance to be in charge of their own destiny through financial freedom. The Tailoring Project produces a variety of items that are sold to local businesses or in local markets. Help provide a woman a chance to change her destiny. Provide materials for sewing, machines, and other tools. Donate


Oxen Project

Northern Uganda suffered under the brutality of civil war for nearly two decades. War left the rural civilian population, destitute, hungry, with a ravaged agricultural sector.


Rural villagers, many who are war widows, returned to ancestral lands only to find their homes burned to the ground, farms razed, and livestock taken. Returning to nothing these rural people seek to rebuild their lives and reignite hope.


Without plows or farming tools these Ugandan women work long hours in the fields preparing the land with their hands as the only tools available. It takes weeks to prep an acre of land for planting using only your hands. 


But that changed thanks to the Crossroads Oxen Project. Land that took weeks to prepare now takes a day. Larger harvests lead to better fed and healthier families. Surplus harvest is sold at local markets providing income and prosperity in places where poverty, desolation, and despair previously was breed.


You can help a Ugandan women put food on her table by providing her with the tools she needs to survive - a plow, a yoke, or a set of oxen. Donate

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