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Are The Doors In India Closing?

Trouble has been brewing for some time in India. 


India, the world's largest democracy, is also home to some of the fiercest sectarian religious violence in recent years. Christians have been killed, their homes burned to the ground; they've been beaten, their daughters raped, their belongings confiscated. While government officials condemn the violence, they rarely lift a finger to end it or bring to justice the perpetrators. 


Creating Sustainable Funding for Missions

A major hurdle in missions today is constructing sustainable income streams. Income streams not only addressing the life choking poverty over 3 billion people cope with daily, but also funding ongoing church planting movements within these cultures and settings.


Missions Full Circle

Indigenous Missions: The changing face of missions


Nagaland has the largest number of professing Christians in India
but the vast majority are nominal Christians – third and fourth
generation Christians who, looking more like their worldly
 counterparts, have lost the passion for Christ and the life-changing
 reality of faith.


New Frontiers

New Frontiers: Bhutan & Myanmar


Just returned from two weeks in India and Bhutan reviewing Crossroads projects and ministries. There are some exciting ministry opportunities taking place in Southeast Asia. One which came out of a two day meeting with a Bhutanese believer sitting in a small coffee shop, just over the border from Bhutan. 


Naga Disciples Center

Two years ago Crossroads strategically moved its India operation into Nagaland, establishing a small missions work in the far eastern and forgotten part of India. Here everything is different - culture, traditions, economy, infrastructure, and people.


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