Missions Full Circle

Indigenous Missions: The changing face of missions


Nagaland has the largest number of professing Christians in India
but the vast majority are nominal Christians – third and fourth
generation Christians who, looking more like their worldly
 counterparts, have lost the passion for Christ and the life-changing
 reality of faith.


Though the largest denomination in Nagaland claims
over 1,700 churches the Church in general is asleep in this land -
missions activity has diminished over the decades while at the same
time there has been a huge upsurge of foreigners (Chinese, Nepalese,
Bhutanese, Thai, Burmese) relocating into the heartland of Nagaland,
changing the landscape of Nagaland both ethically and spiritually.
Hinduism and Islam are now the fastest growing religions in this region that historically was Christianized over 150 years ago.


Facing the challenge of a changing spiritual landscape and the status quo of the current Church, Olem Jamir (Crossroads, Nagaland Director) began to pray for God’s direct intervention in the Church and throughout Nagaland.


Out of those prayers emerged the Crossroads Youth Evangelism Team. Combining musical talent with a passion to take the gospel to the youth of Nagaland, to awaken young believers to a life changing faith, these University age young adults are hosting events called the “The Awakening” – musical concerts and preaching with an evangelistic purpose aimed directly at the nominal young person sitting in the Church today. What makes these events unique is they are fully funded by this young evangelistic team – they are paying for everything including their own expenses, no foreign funding is involved in these mission endeavors.


For us in Crossroads this is “missions full circle” – the byproduct of Crossroads emphasis on indigenous missions. What we have poured into these young Naga men and women, they now are taking and pushing the envelope calling other Naga people to Christ.


The first of these “Awakenings” took place September 6 – 9, 2013 in the town of Alichen, Nagaland, India. For 3 days Olem and his Team called young and old alike to a passionate rebirth and recommitment to Christ, challenging them to live lives worthy of the name “Christian” and to pick up the missionary baton passed on to the Naga people by Western missionaries over a hundred years ago.


Join us in praying that these zealous young indigenous missionaries become a “light in the darkness”, reigniting the candle of God’s visitation again on the land of the Naga people.

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