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Two years ago Crossroads strategically moved its India operation into Nagaland, establishing a small missions work in the far eastern and forgotten part of India. Here everything is different - culture, traditions, economy, infrastructure, and people.


At the time it seemed a bit bizarre and unrealistic, uprooting our successful missions work in the burgeoning metropolis of Mumbai - India's financial, social, and cultural center - and moving to the backwater, underdeveloped, economically strapped region of Nagaland. 


Nevertheless, in the wisdom of God our move would prove to be the wisest, even if not the easiest. We have come to grasp that God often asks us to leave behind the successes we currently are enjoying to move into unchartered waters where He is leading so the soil of His future work can be plowed and prepared.


The last two years this reality has proven true.


Looking forward into 2014 and beyond Crossroads is embarking on its greatest challenge - the formation of a School of Discipleship in Nagaland, India. The Naga Disciples Center, currently under construction, will house the School of Discipleship which focuses on the teachings of Jesus, producing transformation within students’ personal lives, and building capacity for students to serve as an entrepreneurial indigenous missionary.


Why is this important? Recent developments have changed the face of Nagaland and its future as a region. For many years now the major cities of Nagaland have been under siege as foreigners and immigrants from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, and China have poured in, changing the landscape of Nagaland and its culture. Hundreds of Mosques and Hindu temples have sprung up in this region known for its large Christian population.


It's as if the nations of Southeast Asia have come to Nagaland. Rather than Crossroads going to these countries, God has brought them to us. 


We are seeing an unprecedented opportunity to affect the nations of Southeast Asia as God is arranging circumstances that will propel His plans forward for the next century. The Naga Disciples Center and the School of Discipleship places us smack in the center of God's will for this region of the world.


As our world is quickly changing, whether in Nagaland or the USA, the need for intentional transformational discipleship to serve as foundational preparation in the unfolding of God's will and purpose must be the core focus of both the Church and missions. 


To make an investment into the future of what God is doing in Southeast Asia click here.




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