New Frontiers

New Frontiers: Bhutan & Myanmar


Just returned from two weeks in India and Bhutan reviewing Crossroads projects and ministries. There are some exciting ministry opportunities taking place in Southeast Asia. One which came out of a two day meeting with a Bhutanese believer sitting in a small coffee shop, just over the border from Bhutan. 


For hours we sat with coffes in hand discussing the "Church" in Bhutan and the needs of this country. It's sobering to realize the huge job ahead of anyone who is going to work to open the hearts of the people of Bhutan. Bhutan, a Buddhist country, known as "The land of the Thundering Dragon" is spiritually one of the most closed countries in the world.


The small "Church" in Bhutan is alive with ecstatic worship but struggles with lack of training and discipleship. The end result is an enigmatic dysfunctional church unable to penetrate the darkness, living lives that do not demonstrate the transformative power of God, but serve only to build walls and disrepute in the hearts and minds of the lost.


Crossroads will plant its foot in Bhutan via a micro- development project. Profits from the project will be sowed into developing or purchasing materials for the church such as discipleship materials and pastoral leadership seminars. If we are going to penetrate the darkness of Bhutanese society and the demons in control of the country then we'd better start with the discipleship and training of those claiming to be His people.


Another development taking shape is the exciting possibility for
Crossroads to increase its missions work in Myanmar (Burma).
This December Crossroads will establish a beekeeping micro-
development project with church planters from Myanmar. This beekeeping project provides the means for funding support of indigenous missionaries and their church planting efforts within the forgotten regions of Myanmar where insurgency and violence reigns.


One only has to remember the economic downturns Americans faced the past few years to grasp the importance of raising up indigenous missionaries and establishing an ongoing indigenous funding structure for missions not dependent upon foreign aid.


In light of these realities Crossroads is seeking to raise up a new force of intercessory prayer as we work to plant His church in countries, like Bhutan and Myanmar. These countries are spiritually darkened by ignorance and superstition, where violence against Christians often flares up, and poverty hampers the missions' work of the Kingdom. Without renewed intercessory prayer offered on behalf of these efforts we couldn’t hope to penetrate the darkness.


To date Crossroads has raised $4,300 for the beekeeping project startup costs. Remaining needed $2,300. If you can help please do! Your gifts will set in motion the creation of a new funding structure for the advancement of the gospel into restricted lands not dependent upon Western missionaries or foreign funding.


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