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Crossroads currently conducts a number of ongoing projects in India, Pakistan, and Uganda. Some designed to address human suffering and injustice, others work to end cyclical poverty in the lives of individual people, while others create unique sustainable income structures for the funding of indigenous missions and missionaries. Regardless the focus each project seeks to lift up the name of Christ, serve as agents of change within the lives of everyday people, and bring people to a life altering faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior. Current projects include: 


Freedom Project

Human trafficking is the world-wide problem of modern day slavery. There are more human slaves in the world today than at any other time in human history. A staggering 40 million women and children are victims of human trafficking, 50% being children - some as young as six years old... more


The Freedom Project rescues Pakistani children and widows, victims of human trafficking, sold into a life of servitude marked by physical and sexual abuse. Read the real life redemption story of Rehana and her six children, a widow forced by poverty into a life of enslavement and sexual exploitation.


Hope Project

145 million orphans

That’s the stark reality facing us today. Two million of these orphans struggle to survive in the slums of India, another 48.3 million roam the dirty streets of Africa's villages and cities, and the steamy temperatures of Asia is home to 60 million orphans, representing only a fraction of the 145 million. Thousands more are added daily, homeless and alone.


Combine this figure with 3.1 million children under 5 who die from starvation each year and you begin to get the picture of the gravity of what millions of children face. Millions die from neglect, abuse from strangers preying on them, or from starvation. Thousands turn to begging, stealing, or selling themselves into a life of indentured slavery or child prostitution. 


But Crossroads is doing something to stop this relentless exploitation. Crossroads Hope Project, focusing on destitute children left to fend for themselves in an increasingly harsh and unforgiving world, includes feeding programs, payment of school fees for a child's education, and the establishment of Alpha Care Centers.  Alpha Care Centers provide these children a classroom education (kindergarten), food, clothing, medical attention, and spiritual hope.


Micro-development Projects

Crossroads partners with local believers struggling with extreme poverty in setting up micro-businesses. These micro-businesses, funded by the Crossroads Foundation, provide poor families the way to break the cycle of poverty providing their children a better life and future. Crossroads partners in India, Pakistan, and Uganda have established successful micro-businesses of Beekeeping, Fish Farming, Chicken Farming, Oxen Farming, Tailoring, and a Cantina. Read about these projects and the life changing differences these are making in the lives of people caught in the grip of poverty...more


Timothy Project

A new wave of missions is sweeping the globe as indigenous missionaries join the efforts of the Western Church to fulfill the Great Commission. 


Crossroads is at the cutting edge of this new reality with its core focus of raising up indigenous missionaries who together with Crossroads plants culturally relevant indigenous missions agencies effective in proclaiming the gospel and making disciples of Christ. Crossroads Timothy Project is the umbrella under which this initiative takes place. 


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