Who's A Candidate For The Timothy Project?

The Timothy Project is an ongoing mentoring and discipleship program focused on building a mature faith, equipping individuals with leadership and ministry skills, and character development.


The Timothy Project is not classroom or education oriented but relationally focused. An individual enrolled into the Timothy Project enters into a relationship of discipleship and mentoring with Crossroads as we tackle the challenges of planting an indigenous missions agency and developing a variety of mission/ministry initiatives within that Timothy’s host country. The mission/ministry initiatives established are reflective of the passion, calling, and gifting of the individual enrolled in The Timothy Project and in step with Crossroads overarching Mission Statement


The Timothy Project is open to a select few individuals from around the world each year. Those “Timothy’s” who find a “home” in Crossroads are a handful of unique emergent missions leaders who: 

  • embrace the Crossroads Core Values and Principles as their own. 
  • embrace the goals, objectives, and philosophy of ministry described within the Crossroads Vision Document.
  • believe in the operational structure of Crossroads as an organic missions agency focused on the long-term goal of planting indigenous mission bases. 
  • are not looking primarily for money to support what they are doing, or to give them a job. They are looking for something of far more value to their development as men of God – discipleship and mentoring. As a matter of fact we often remind people that in Crossroads “we don’t have jobs, only opportunities!”
  • want to build an indigenous work they and God can be proud of – built on the best and most ethical principles.  
  • are longing to belong to something bigger, to do more than carry out their own agendas, their own “visions”.
  • are not looking to secure funding for their own ideas and projects. 
  • understand “personal vision” is necessary, as is personal passion, if anything lasting and meaningful is to be done for God. However, the proper place for a “personal vision” is within and under the confines of a larger corporate vision where accountability and responsibility for the work and to others are honed and respected. 
  • have established a relationship with Crossroads – both personally and corporately. 


If you are looking for more than money, for a place to call “home”, an organization in which you can become all Christ has called you to be, a place where you can develop and hone skills as a leader of men and ministries; if you're looking for an environment in which you are challenged to live out the righteous life Christ demands of you; if you embrace wholeheartedly indigenous principles and work hard for these to be a reality within your ministry then we would welcome the beginning of a conversation with you to discover together if you might be Crossroads next “Timothy”. If this is you then contact us at info@crossroadsinternational.org

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