India’s Mission

Church Planting – Assam, India:

Crossroads Church Planting Movements Training (CCPM Training) is a 2-day Training event designed to equip indigenous missionaries with effective Church Planting and Disciple Making strategies targeting unreached and unengaged people groups within their cultural context.

Last month Crossroads conducted a CPM Training for 59 indigenous missionaries, men and women, targeting the villages of the Zeiland, an unreached people group located in Assam, India. Though ethnically Naga’s, the Zeiland tribe centuries ago migrated to Assam and became assimilated into the Hindu culture. No Christian missionary or gospel outreach has taken place among the Zeilang people.

Partnering with Zeme Supportive Mission, a Crossroads missions partner, ensured this Training would translate into effective Church Planting strategies as we targeted over 30 Zeilang villages with the gospel. Our goal – 1 church planted in every Zeilang village. Initial evangelism following this Training has led to 13 new converts in various villages. The formation of new house churches together with extensive discipleship is now underway with new believers.

Crossroads Foundation Created:

The Crossroads Foundation was formed to create a sustainable indigenous funding platform and structure for the future funding of indigenous missionary activity. Grants from the Foundation will be used in deploying indigenous cross-cultural missionaries working in partnership with Crossroads focused on planting churches and disciple-making.

Deploying Indigenous Cross-cultural Missionaries:

Crossroads is preparing to deploy our 1st indigenous cross-cultural missionary from Nagaland, India to Thailand in 2024. Throughout 2022-23 final plans and preparations will be put in place for this historic venture.

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