Pakistan’s Mission

On November 15, 2022 Crossroads, Pakistan staff met together for a night of prayer and intercession focused on the nation of Pakistan. Our Crossroads staff interceded throughout the night, seeking a spiritual breakthrough and new strategies from God to penetrate what are some of the most resistive people in the world to the gospel of Christ.

The next morning, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, our team decided to target a different segment of the city they are working in. Team members conversationally engaged those they met along the road, in the markets, and in the small storefronts doting the streets with the gospel of Jesus Christ and their own stories of how they came to faith in Christ. For those who seemed interested, staff members invited them to carry on the conversation informally at a local tea shop. Over a cup of tea, our staff shared the gospel of salvation in more detail, inviting people to become followers of Jesus.

Though no one came to Christ that day, a few days later, team members were invited to join a gathering of families from the area who wanted to hear more about Jesus. About 40 people were present at this gathering of families. That evening 30 family members accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

Our Crossroads, Pakistan staff are now conducting follow-up meetings, distributing bibles to each new convert, and walking these new believers through a discipleship plan intended to ground them in the word of God and their new faith.

Join With Us In Praying …..

  • For open hearts and minds of the Pakistani people to the gospel.
  • For protection for our Crossroads staff as they continue to share the gospel and new believers.
  • Additional funding for Bibles given to new converts.

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