India’s Mission

Reaching The Unreached – The Bodos People:

On Aug 2022, Crossroads, India held a 2-day follow-up training workshop for 32 of the 59 indigenous missionaries trained in last year’s Crossroads Church Planting Conference. Many of these indigenous missionaries work in extremely difficult areas where their lives are threatened daily as they share the gospel. One of those areas is among the Bodos people, an Indo-Mongoloid group of Tibetan origin and the largest ethnolinguistic group in Assam, India. Those who are not Hindu follow Bathouism, which worships Bathoubwrai, the god of the sun, earth, air, fire, and sky

To date, indigenous missionaries have shared the gospel 1,055 times in 15 Bodos villages doting the Assam province of India. These missionaries face strong resistance but remain undeterred and determined to plant His Church amongst this unreached people group. Adding to these missionaries’ difficulties are the anti-conversion laws now in place within parts of India. These anti-conversion laws impose fines upwards of 50,000 rupees for both those who share the gospel and those who convert and become Christians. The effort of course, is to halt the advancement of the gospel and intimidate, if not punish, those courageous enough to share the gospel of salvation among people hostile to its message.

Going beyond initial and follow-up training in effective church planting, Crossroads outfitted each church planter with much-needed practical “tools” – a leather messenger bag, bibles, discipleship materials, and a high-powered flashlight needed to traverse the jungles from village to village at night safely.

Join With Us In Praying For These Missionaries Working Among the Bodos People Group…..

  • For courage and grit in the face of persecution to press onwards with the gospel accelerating church planting efforts among the Bodos people group.
  • For funds to provide Church Planting Conference Training in 2023. We have 4 of these Training events scheduled for 2023. The goal is to train 200 more indigenous church planters targeting the Southeast region of Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Southwest China, Bhutan, Nepal, Cambodia).

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