Find Your Place

God is on a Mission! You are part of that Mission! Are you looking for that place to serve and thrive as you carry out His calling on your life? Crossroads may be the right fit for you. We are one Organization, whose Missional Goals and Objectives are achieved through a wide spectrum of ministries carried out by individuals of diverse ethnic, cultural, and national identities, with a variety of giftings called by one Lord, united in one purpose, forged together by one Spirit.

Crossroads may be the right fit for you if ….

  • You have a passion to be a disciple-maker.
  • You have a passion to invest in others by developing the leadership capacity of national partners and the next generation of leaders.
  • You are looking for an entrepreneurial mission culture within which you can operate your gifting, expand your talents, and fulfill your calling.
  • You are looking to serve within an organizational culture that encourages innovation from all stakeholders. A culture in which taking risks is understood as normative if we are to change the status quo and remain relevant to today’s worldwide cultures. A culture that isn’t risk adverse but risk aware.
  • You desire to be part of an organizational culture made up of those seeking to be change agents, drivers of change.
  • You are looking for a Mission Organization with lower organizational admin Fees: Crossroads admin fee is 5%

If this sounds good to you give us a call, drop us an email or send us a text and let’s get a conversation started.