Our Mission

Crossroads International aims to recruit, train, and resource national partners and indigenous cross-cultural missionaries engaged with church planting, evangelism, humanitarian aid, and discipleship initiatives in limited or restricted access countries.

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Three simple words summarize and drive our mission, passion, and purpose – Go. Make. Replicate.


We are called to go to where people are, to meet them at the intersection of life and opportunity, to share the life-changing message of the gospel of Christ in a manner they can understand, comprehend, and respond to.


The ultimate outcome of all missionary activity is to MAKE DISCIPLES (Matthew 28:19-20). Disciple-making is the key outcome of our projects, programs, outreaches, and church planting initiatives.


Discipleship is more than attending church or adhering to a set of creeds and doctrines. The word Replicate stresses that genuine disciples imitate Jesus Christ in life, business, and mission (Matthew 28:20). When people see us, they should see Jesus. How we handle life and interact with others, even those who are our enemies should reflect how Jesus would engage them and respond to them.