Sampson Mabaso’s Micro-business success story

Sampson Mabaso: A Micro-business Success Story.

Pastor Samson Mabaso is an example of a successful Micro-development project. Sampson pastors a church in Amouti, South Africa. Amouti with a population of 45,000 people has a staggering 75% unemployment rate. The church has approximately 69 people attending on a Sunday morning.

Prior to Crossroads involvement only 2 of the 69 members were partially employed, able to provide only meager supplies of food and clothing for their families. Crossroads purchased a block-making machine for $400 and trained pastor Sampson how to operate it.

Within one-month business was so good that pastor Samson was fully self-employed able to provide for his family needs.

As the business grew pastor Samson approached Crossroads requesting another block-making machine. Three other men from his congregation now are employed part-time through this Micro-development block making project.

Though humble in its beginnings this small business success represents the impact, in real terms, Micro-development projects are having on the individual lives of South Africans.