Establishing Indigenous Mission Organizations

Crossroads establishes indigenous mission organizations staffed and led by key national partners.

Each indigenous mission organization, unified by a set of core values and principles, operates within an international relational network of collaborative partnerships working towards the achievement of Crossroads’ global missional goals.

Crossroads indigenous mission organizations have been successfully established in South Africa (Crossroads, KZN), Pakistan (Crossroads, Pakistan), and India (Crossroads, India). Each indigenous mission organization is uniquely indigenous and autonomous in its structure, carrying out a variety of ministry initiatives and missionary activities within its cultural context in fulfillment of the Great Commission.

The aspirational outcome sought goes beyond establishing indigenous mission organizations capable of evangelizing and planting churches within their host country. We desire to see missions come “full circle,” meaning that the indigenous mission organizations we establish recruit and send their own indigenous missionaries cross-culturally into limited or restricted access countries closed to Western missionaries.