Persia’s Mission

Crossroads has opened new missionary work in Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikistan focused on establishing the underground house church movement in each country. This new initiative we call the Persia Initiative.

Leading this work is a very successful Afghan church planting couple, Ramazan and Shamsia. Ramazan, Shamsia, and their two young children lived in Afghanistan until the Taliban takeover and were responsible for planting a number of house churches throughout Afghanistan. Forced to flee Afghanistan due to their church planting activities Ramazan joined Crossroads earlier this year.

Today, Ramazan, together with a team of 9 Afghans, leads our online digital evangelism and church planting initiative targeting Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Iran – an audience of 62 million Persian-speaking people. Utilizing Facebook our team members identify and engage Persian-speaking “seekers” surfing the internet looking for answers to some of life’s questions – “Who is God”, What happens after death”, How do I deal with my fear, shame, or anxiety”, “Who is Jesus?”.

Since joining Crossroads, Ramazan and his team have shared the gospel online with 46,945 individuals. In addition to these evangelism and church planting efforts, our Persia Initiative team members focus on after-conversion issues like discipleship and the training of national leaders for a growing house church movement.

Join With Us In Praying …..

  • For open hearts and minds of the Persian people to the gospel – Afghanistan, Tajikistan, & Iran.
  • That Crossroads can develop highly efficient digital platforms and methods for making disciples in a growingly complex world, especially in places where the gospel is outlawed and persecution is common.
  • That Crossroads will effectively prepare and train the next generation of house church leaders capable of taking the gospel into all the world.
  • For the funding required to produce our next-generation digital online platform – $16,000 needed to build the platform with all its capacities (a one-time expense) plus $6,000 for a year of Google ads targeting “seekers” who are online looking for answers to life’s 13 most pressing questions. A total of $22,000.
  • For Ramazan and his family:
    • Open doors for Ramazan to raise his missionary support – he now must raise support, something he has never done before.
    • Adjustments to living in the USA – dealing with the cultural realities and struggles living in a strange new country.

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