Crossroads Church Planting Training 2023

Crossroads Church Planting Training 2023

Two Crossroads Church Planting Training Workshops were conducted in November, further expanding the number of potential church planters operating in SA Asia within the Crossroads Church Planters Network.

The first Workshop, conducted on the 15th of Nov. 2023, took place in the Dubagaon Village of Dimapur. Here, Crossroads conducted a two-day Church Planters Workshop for 22 indigenous Naga Church Planters. These new Church Planters are focused on expanding the gospel throughout the greater region of Dimapur, Nagaland, India. Participants in the Training are seen below.

Our second Workshop took place on the 18th of Nov 2023. Crossroads was invited to present a Church Planters Workshop for the ministerial students of the Doulos College. Thirty-five future missionaries, church planters, and pastors attended this two-day Workshop.

The goal of this Training was to better prepare indigenous missionaries for effective Church Planting in a diverse region with many sub-cultures throughout SA Asia. Again, the participants are seen below.

Our final CCP Training Workshop for 2023 is scheduled for the 27th of Nov in Assam. More about that later.

Thanks again for joining us in advancing the gospel throughout SA Asia.

All the best,

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